Personal portraits are meant to help you celebrate YOU. Boudoir photography is not just about the bedroom, it's about embracing who you are right now in life. And if and when you are growing another human, you should embrace how incredible your body is and how different life is about to become!

What makes each woman feel her best is different for each person that comes in. It can be white t-shirt & jeans, it can be lingerie, it can be a gown. You make the rules, I am here to guide you and help you rediscover how f*cking awesome you are.

We, especially as women, tend to put everyone else's needs first. Often we are tried, over extended and sometimes feel unseen. It's important to connect with ourselves, to remember what we love about ourselves and to embrace how far we have come. 

Are you ready to take a moment for you?




We schedule a limited number of boudoir sessions per month, so we have kept our current offerings simple, yet perfect for any client's needs. 


Prices and packages are subject to change.


Session dates are held with a 50% deposit and balance is due 14 days prior to your session date.


Introductory price

I'm in! Let's do this

- Weekday session
- Private studio
- choice of set up
- multiple clothing changes
- Styling & posing Guidance throughout
- Includes your choice of 12 digital files
- Includes your choice of those same files Pinted as loose prints or as a soft covered album
- Option to purchase additional wall art, album upgrades and additional images.

Gone are the days that we hold ourselves back. I want to be surrounded by women who own who they are, flaws and all. You are enough. You are worthy.

choose you


Throw caution to the wind! Let's turn up the music and dance like everyone is watching. You do you. Our private, no judgement, studio is yours to explore and let loose. 

get playful

I say, eat the cupcake if you want it. Take yourself out on a date, travel alone...when we know who we are, and take care of who we are, we can show up better for the world. 

empower yourself



Yes please


I have had clients in their 60's, others who are pregnant with their 3rd child and even more who use a boudoir session as a gift to their significant other on their wedding day, but it ends up that they receive more for themselves than who they gifted. I have even had women travel from Florida, Houston & California to treat themselves with this experience.

I have always envisioned boudoir as empowerment sessions for those times that you need to be reminded of how amazing you actually are. These sessions can be more beauty based to feel like a model, they can be documentary when you are facing a battle ahead or a victory after you have overcome life's many obstacles. 

You decide when it's time for you to honor and celebrate yourself, and we are here for when you are ready. Just know that you will never be the same and you will want to do it again(and again). 

Who are these sessions for?

We are going to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Booking your session

how it works

decide to book

step one

Yep, it's really that easy. Now that we have settled into our new studio, we currently only offer one introductory boudoir package. Take a look below and if it's for you, then follow the next steps. If it's not, we are here if and when you are ready for us.

After you fill out the form, we contact you with a few options of dates and give you the link to pay your deposit. Your session date is not held until the deposit is taken care of. Please note that we currently only offer boudoir sessions on weekdays. When's the last time you played hooky? I'd say now is a good time for a mental, feel-good break. 

Fill out the form...

step two

Once your date is secure, you will receive a full, in-depth guide on how to plan for your session! From what to wear, what to expect and how to take care of yourself leading up to the session so you feel your absolute best! We will share a collective mood board, suggest local salons, boutiques, restaurants to celebrate at afterwards and answer any questions you have before you come to the studio. 

Plan your shoot

step three

Your session will be an epic experience! But we understand everyone gets nervous. No worries though, because we will guide you every step of the way. Leave your insecurities at the door and let us take care of you. I like to think that when we have the butterflies about doing something out of our comfort zone, it just means you are about to do something amazing. Let's think about it like being on top of the roller coaster before it lets's time to embrace the fear and take your grip off the bar 'cuz it's gonna be an awesome ride!

Rock your session!

step four

Right after your session, we will take a moment to relax with a cup of tea or drink of choice and go over your photos together, narrowing down to the best of the best. You will go home knowing that you just rocked the shit out of your photo session and soon you will have your very own keepsake to enjoy! You have the option to add on any additional purchases at your session including prints, album upgrades and additional images.

Choose your photos

step five

After your session, we will clean up the photos and do any retouching that we discussed at your photo shoot. Our editing style is clean and natural, we love to keep you looking like you but on your very best day. We do not believe in changing your shape or over editing. Editing beyond our normal scope may be available for an additional charge. Digital files will be delivered via a private gallery within 10 business days. Prints take roughly 4-6 weeks depending on the products. Many of our clients have come back at different stages throughout their lives because when you feel as good as you do during your session, it's natural to want to do it again and again! 

Download & plan for more!

step four

Book your session