Online boutiques are in constant need of content with each season and new product launch.

Lifestyle Clothing Project :
Several Miles Boutique

Although I truly feel that showcasing the people behind the business is key, sometimes clients need to showcase the newest seasonal products, and/or offerings. 

For these two in-studio sessions, Natalia wanted to showcase her newest spring and then summer offerings for her online boutique. We found a model for each session and I also created some on brand shots of her jewelry after the long days were over. For the Spring session, we used the studio loft and draped sheer white curtains from the rafters. The Summer session was staged on the studio's back patio where we hung canvas and used flash for fill.

For the catalog images we wanted to have personality rather than the typical shots you see where the model is not expressive. I took advantage of any moments that Natalia helped straighten and fix any items out of place, because behind the scenes shots are so important to showcase. 

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