My personal favorite restaurant!

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Barrel & Vine

When a restaurant opens in the heat of a pandemic, you know that their team is determined to make something special. 

Back in 2021, Lemont Downtown started featuring the "Mom & Pops" behind the businesses. We wanted to showcase the people behind the shops & restaurants so our village could build a more meaningful connection. 

Dorothy & Larry opened their doors, shared their vision and their family. We started with showcasing the new brunch offerings, we featured date nights, and then B&V hired me to help them showcase their signature menu items as they grew.

It really makes a difference when you show beautiful images of food & beverage, especially when you put so much attention to detail when creating it. Can I say that this is my favorite restaurant? Well, it is. 

"If you want someone who is amazing with photography and actually cares about their craft, book Molly. Don’t hesitate, just do it. She puts so much love into her art that it truly shows.”

— Google review from Client

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