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When women support each other, incredible things happen.


Elevate your brand with beautiful, professional branding images that represent All that you are

The Visual Brand Experience

who also just happens to be building a business you love, and you want beautiful imagery that looks like you and represents who you are. But finding that balance between expressing your true raw self and being seen as a professional can be a challenge. 

It’s hard finding the right photographer you feel comfortable enough with to create those authentic, effortless images.

However, a photographer who’s able to fully invest themselves in your brand can give you peace of mind knowing you’re in a safe space, with a plan, and a skilled professional by your side who you trust with your vision.

and that’s exactly what I create for my clients with my Visual Brand Experience sessions.

You are a powerful, multifaceted human being… 

As a woman in business, you are not one-dimensional. 

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Hi, I'm Molly,

“I love having quality images that hit the mark 100%. It saves a lot of time and alleviates stress for my team and me. Even a year on, I'm still utilizing Molly's pictures, and they still make a great impact.”

— Mel McSherry

A complete branding experience for you and your business with visual brand solutions to suit small projects right up to an entire year of brand and content imagery. This is not just another photoshoot, it's a partnership in creating brand images that will capture the hearts and minds of your target audience!

Visual Branding Experience sessions

Are you ready to transform your visual brand?


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The discovery call is a 30-minute chat for you to ask questions, me to better understand the needs of your business and see if the Visual Branding Experience is the right fit for you and your business. Then, from your comprehensive visual brand strategy to a blow-by-blow photoshoot plan, the planning phase forms the foundation of what we create for your brand.

Just prior to our scheduled photoshoot you’ll receive pre-shoot support to make sure all outfits, props and plans are on track for the big day. The day of our photoshoot you simply show up ready to be fabulous and I'll guide you the whole session. We've already done all of the detailed planning so now it's time to have fun and create magic together. I promise you will feel like a natural-born model!

How it works

Discovery + Planning


With Molly to assist with her professional photographer’s eye, you view and choose the images you love right after the shoot. Your photos will be processed and delivered within 10 business days through an online gallery where you can download them from. Plus you'll receive a mobile app for easy access plus guidance on how and where to use your new images.

Selection + Delivery


“Molly has this power that elevates others. Sometimes when you're elevating others, you get mixed in, but Molly has this way of bringing people out, elevating them, then stepping back. She doesn't have to be front and center to it. Kind of like a human curator."

- Dr. Kelly Page

Are you ready to transform your visual brand? 

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