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I am here to help you create the images that you feel excited to share and help you (and your brand) get noticed by your ideal clients.

Photography for Women Who Want to Stand Out with Confidence & Femininity

A Personal & Professional Branding & Headshot Photography studio Located in the historic Village of Lemont, Illinois and serving the Chicagoland area.

Ok, so how does boudoir fit into all of this business talk?
You are a woman. A woman with many layers. Layers that include being a badass, strong, independent woman, but it also includes raw, vulnerability and sensuality.
A boudoir session with Motion Inspired will help you explore and get in touch with the truest parts of your femininity and help you feel so good about yourself it changes you at your core.


a personal journey

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“My branding shoot with Molly was FUCKING PHENOMENAL! Not only did I have a ton of fun but I also felt so confident, so sexy, so beautiful and so boss - all at once!” - Mel McSherry


got to be her badass self:


My husband and I are Keller Williams real estate agents and unfortunately head shots are a thing in our business. When I look at my headshot I see ME and I see US as a powerful business couple. It takes an amazing photographer to truly capture the true person and their energy!


felt at ease:


real results

I'm Molly

Molly Hebda is the owner and chief dreamer of the boutique photography studio Motion Inspired.

Motion Inspired studio, located in the historic downtown village of Lemont, IL is where Molly wields her superpower in helping women discover their beauty, strength, and confidence in front of her camera. Molly’s work was recently featured in Rizing & Luxia Magazines

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hey there!

Somewhere along the line you told yourself “I must just not take a good photo”.

I specialize in all those women that say they can’t take a good photo. And I prove them wrong! I’d love to show you how much better it can be working with a photographer who listens, who is open and connects with who you are as a person and as a woman in business.

I don’t just stick you on the other side of my camera and leave you to fend for yourself. My superpower is an eye for detail and knowing how to position you just so as I guide you through a photoshoot that reveals your natural beauty and business badassery. You’ll feel confident, powerful and feminine!

i can help because i've been there

So, if that’s you I’m here to tell you it’s simply not true. 

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