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13 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot


There are many reasons Why you need to have a professional headshot that represents you and that you are proud to share.

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Difference Between a Headshot and a Brand Photography Session: The Ultimate Guide


Headshots and rand images go hand in hand, but they are very different and are used very differently across your business platforms. ⁠

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How to Prepare for Your Headshot Session


“How do I prepare for my headshot session” is one of the top question my clients ask. Here is a quick guide to getting yourself ready to have a kick-ass headshot session.

This checklist will help you see where you are and where you want to be with your marketing efforts. Right now you may just need a couple of headshots to help you reach your ideal audience, but your next step could be to expand your visual reach in areas you may not have thought possible. Let's explore...

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