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Top 3 Looks to Wear for Your Headshot Photoshoot

September 9, 2020

Molly, the owner and chief dreamer at Molly Hebda Photography, has a passion for helping creative, purpose-driven women in business feel seen with confidence and strength. Without compromising their femininity.

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Headshot sessions ideally are shot with 1-3 looks. Simplify your packing, by taking one base outfit. By adding layers, and/or accessories and you can easily create multiple looks. Don’t feel the need to go out shopping, unless you need the excuse to get yourself something you feel incredible in.

YOU want to be the center of attention in these sessions. We want the images that we capture to be the vision board for your next dream job, the next step in your career, or where you want to take your business. These images will be the ones you are proud to share with the world.

Look One

Your Power Look

  • Something you feel incredible in!
  • Business attire – or – your professional look
  • A Little Black Dress – or –
  • Solid White Blouses or Sweaters
  • Layers are amazing – add a blazer, jacket, or vest

Look Two

Your “Best Day” Outfit

  • An outfit that says “You,” you wear this to meet your girlfriends, networking, or even a second date.
  • If you went with a business look in #1 bring the LBD here
  • Mostly Neutral Colors, your company signature color or jewel tones
  • Any Items with Interesting Texture (Especially Neutral Colored) – Examples: Sheer Items, Leather, Sequins, Pleats
  • Unexpected Vintage Items
  • Again layers are great!

Look Three

Your Casual yet Cool

  • Simple Black or White
  • Simple and Casual Neutral Tops (Sometimes A White T-Shirt Is Our Best Look!)
  • Jeans, jean jackets, all of the jeans
  • Any Favorite Clothes You Look and Feel Great In

Other things to bring or to prepare

  • A Few Accessories That Might Complete An Outfit – Scarves or Jewelry
  • Signature lipstick or gloss
  • Glasses if you wear them
  • Neutral Undergarments
  • Have your clothes drycleaned or iron them prior to the session
  • Shoes that you are comfortable in – headshots are not going to show the whole body, but if you are looking to add a few images to your website or for social media where you want a full-body or seated look, please bring those powerhouse shoes we know you are dying to wear!

What to avoid

  • Ill-fitted clothing – too baggy or too tight will make you look uncomfortable and not put together
  • Noticeable or large logos
  • Anything you don’t like or don’t feel good in – it will show in your body language and energy
  • Too busy of a pattern, unless it is intentional

Go through your clothing a couple of days before. Pack up your items the night before, so you are not stressed or rushing the morning of. I always recommend, bringing one extra look, just in case. You never know how you will feel the day of your session, and sometimes we need to try something different. Here is a guide to help you prepare for your headshot session.

If you want to know what we are doing differently at the studio because of COVID, please read more here: Updating your headshots during a pandemic

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  1. […] We then do all of that over and over again with different backdrops and outfits. We recommend multiple choices in outfits because we sometimes find a shirt, jacket, or dress you initially loved, just doesn’t work how you envisioned. More snaps of the camera and more time to adjust. Here is a blog post about the 3 types of outfits to bring to a headshot session. […]

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When women support each other, incredible things happen.

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